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Whether you have a dispute with a person or persons, a business, or an organisation over money, property, or something else, it can be stressful and damaging to yourself and others around you. Facing it alone without an experienced dispute lawyer to look after your interests can lead to further money loss and even affect your mental health.

We know that the most crucial factor in reducing the time it takes to get the best resolution for you. Less focus on this will limit the impact on your finances and stress in life.

Access Solicitors Brisbane can quickly and thoroughly understand the circumstances and give you clarity on your legal rights and the best options to resolve your dispute.

Whilst we will not hesitate to initiate legal action through the courts, we strive to resolve matters in your favour without the need to do so by a thorough and rigorous professional mediation process to save you time and money.

Common disputes Are:

  • Money disputes
  • Wills and Estate disputes
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Residential property disputes
  • A Dispute against a company or business
  • Disputes between organisations
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Breaches of duty
  • Professional liability
  • Debt Recovery
  • Trade Practices – between competitors
  • Restructuring
  • Voluntary administration & insolvency
  • Taxation

If your dispute isn’t listed in the categories above, please call us to discuss your matter on 07 3278 1388, as we offer a free-of-charge 30-minute consultation with our Brisbane dispute lawyers.

If you have reached your limit of patience, have tried to resolve things as best as you can, or are just starting, know that the best resolutions come from understanding the details and applying the right solutions at the right time. When it comes to costs, we will always give you options and an estimate of any fees upfront so you can always remain in control of the situation.

We have the skills and experience to shorten the odds in your favour, we will ensure you get the dispute resolved, and any funds returned that you are entitled to in the best possible time. We look forward to speaking to you.